IR Executive Committee 2020


Aaron Fischman, MD FSIR – Acting Past President

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai  


David Mobley, MD – President

Columbia University Irving Medical Center


Cash Horn, MD – President Elect

NYU School of Medicine


Yosef Golowa, MD – Treasurer

Albert Einstein College of Medicine


Vivian Bishay, MD – Secretary

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai


Robert Siegelbaum, MD - Historian

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center  


Board of Directors

Robert Lookstein MD FSIR

Rahul Patel MD FSIR

Bradley Pua MD FSIR

Edward Kim MD FSIR

Harold Mitty MD FSIR

Thomas Sos MD FSIR

Joshua Weintraub MD FSIR

Akhilesh Sista MD FSIR

David Trost MD FSIR

David Madoff MD FSIR

Neil Khilnani MD FSIR

Jacob Cynamon MD FSIR

Craig Greben MD MBA FSIR

James Walsh MD 

Resident Representatives

Carl Kraus (R4/PGY5, DR Columbia)

John Smirniotopoulos (R4/PGY5, DR Cornell)

Jesse Chen (R3/PGY4, DR SIUH)

Rob Peng (R3/PGY4, DR Montefiore)

Maz Sighary (R2/PGY3, DR SUNY Downstate)

Lindsay Young (R1/PGY2, IR/DR Mount Sinai)

John Cieslak (R2/PGY3, DR Rutgers)