Article VIII. Dues and Assessments

Section 1. Amount of Dues and Due Dates

The amount of dues and the due dates thereof shall be determined annually by the Executive Committee. Any increase in dues proposed by the Executive Committee after the annual determination thereof must be approved by the membership.

Section 2. Assessments

In case of deficiency in the treasury, the Executive Committee may declare and levy an assessment and fix the due date for payment thereof.

Section 3. Disciplinary Action for Arrears in Dues and/or Assessments.

Any member in arrears for one year shall be automatically dropped from the roll of membership by the Executive Committee provided he/she shall have been notified by the Secretary/Treasurer and shall have failed to make good his/her indebtedness within thirty days after notification. A member dropped from the roll of membership for non-payment of dues and/or assessments may be restored to membership by the Executive Committee after payment of indebtedness in full.

Section 4. Waiver of Dues and/or Assessments

Any member who presents a justifiable reason, e.g. illness or military service in the Armed Forces of the United States, may have his/her current dues and/or assessments waived entirely or in part by the Executive Committee.