Dear Members & Colleagues:

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the Interventional Radiology section of the New York Roentgen Society. Many months ago, myself and several other Interventional Radiologists in the NYC area envisioned a new section of the NYRS that would be able to represent the unique interests and goals of the Interventional Radiology community in the greater New York area. With the help of the current executive committee of the NYRS, that vision has become a reality.

The goals of the section are numerous. In the short term we seek to increase awareness of Interventional Radiology among the medical school and graduate medical education community. This is a very exciting time for Interventional Radiology. The new ACGME residency in Interventional Radiology is off and running. The manner in which we are training our future colleagues is drastically changing. We have heavily integrated clinical components into our new training programs which have immediately become the most sought after residencies in the country. Our first matched class of IR residents are getting ready to begin their training in July. The new IR/DR dual certificate is being rolled out by the American Board of Radiology with a brand new certifying exam that was administered for the first time this past October.

In the long term, we seek to provide unique educational experiences for practicing and future Interventional Radiologists. Our goal is to have several meetings throughout the year solely dedicated to the clinical, technical and economic aspects of our field. Hot topic discussions and guest speakers from around the country will allow us to integrate the newest techniques into our clinical practices. We hope to continue the "Angio Club" tradition of sharing interesting cases in a more formal setting as we have done in the past over many decades. Lastly, we seek to preserve and chronicle the history and innovative spirit of our specialty through scholarships, grants and partnership with industry.

On behalf of the executive committee of the new Interventional Radiology section of the New York Roentgen Society, I welcome you to join us in this new endeavor. Please make sure your Society membership is up to date to take full advantage of all the offerings from the new IR Section. I look forward to many years of scientific rigor, creative exploration and innovation.

Aaron M. Fischman, MD FSIR
President, Interventional Radiology Section
New York Roentgen Society